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Architecture for Integrated Digital Public Services

How Digital IDs Can Transform Government Services

Digital IDs provide a single method to confirm an individual’s identity online, and allow individuals to share information about their identity—such as age or nationality—during a transaction.
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Global Best Practices

Digital Identity for the public sector is a complex subject, both in terms of technology and also the broader organizational and cultural changes it represents.

Our program reviews and documents case studies of public sector identity adoption from around the world, analyzing national initiatives from Poland, USA, UK, Canada and many more, to document how they are addressing these challenges.

Programs and Standards

There is a comprehensive body of knowledge from across real-world adoption projects and also industry bodies and standards groups, that is summarized and distilled into a repeatable model.

Digital Service Design

Identity is one component part of an overall service design process. Government teams must be sure that it improves and streamlines digital products in an accessible and enabling form for users.

Implementation Blueprints

Enterprise Architecture models and vendor solution profiles which identify how to implement these best practices.

Best Practices Library

Defining the role Identity plays in enabling Digital Government services.
Since retiring GOV.UK Verify in December 2022, the UK Government has launched their ‘DIATF’, Digital Identity and Attributes Framework, which enables and implements ‘One Login for Government’.
The Kingdom of Bhutan has launched a national platform based on SSI and portable digital credentials for all citizens, businesses, foreign workers and tourists.
With a user base of more than 4.2 million and providing access to over 1,700 services, Singpass is one of the most pervasively adopted national digital identity systems in the world.

Solution Guide

Insights for Buyers

For public sector organizations seeking to implement Digital Identity capabilities we offer helpful resource guides and a network of solution partners.


Best Practices Guide

The presentation aggregates numerous case studies and distills them into a single repeatable blueprint.


Partner Directory

Listings of Partners who offer Digital Identity specialisms and implementation services.


Cybernetica has signed a partnership agreement with iProov, the leading provider of facial biometric solutions, to launch a new digital identity solution SplitKey+.
Indicio develops enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize your existing systems, ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and trust.
Manny Nijjar joins Trinsic to explore how Identity helped the largest health system in the world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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