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WorkSpan is the #1 co-sell management network that empowers companies to turbocharge and scale their co-sell revenue growth. Partnership and Sales teams use WorkSpan’s secure SaaS solution […]
Mindmatrix offers Channel & Sales Enablement software for direct and indirect sales channels. Mindmatrix is the only provider of a Single Unified Platform that combines PRM software, Di […]
The Everflow affiliate marketing platform is a comprehensive solution designed to help businesses and marketers optimize their affiliate marketing efforts. With its advanced features and in […]
InflowCX is your strategic partner in delivering unparalleled customer experiences. Inflow partners with vendors like Zoom and RingCentral to deliver Unified Communications and Contact Cent […] for Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams can be extended through plugin enhancements from partners. from Flyte is a Microsoft Teams app for assessing and improving team morale. Employee satisfaction can be […]
Happeo is a next-gen intranet that helps teams manage knowledge and internal communications in one unified place. Offering a template-based page builder, as well as integrations and univers […]
The award-winning CloudM platform is designed to help you get the most from your digital workplace, driving your business through a simple, easy-to-use interface, helping you to work smarte […]
twine offers enhancements for Slack and Zoom, for AI-enabled summaries and speed networking features. twine Ambient is your AI Chief of Staff. Ambient uses generative AI to summarize and th […]
Organiseme is a task management / productivity application that supports you getting your tasks & projects done. Companies and organizations using Google Workspace can improve the produ […]
Varolio is an AI-powered platform that helps employees save time, reduce manual tasks, does their tedious work for them and supercharges their work, integrating AI capabilities with the com […]
myDid offers a customizable wallet solution allowing your users to share their Identity and easily exchange Community Badges. myDid is committed to deploy a new tool that will allow digital […]
Meeco gives people and organisations the tools to access, control and create mutual value from personal data. Meeco gives people and organisations the tools to access, control and create m […]
Build38 is an innovative and cutting-edge provider of a next generation AI-based app protection and management platform. They deliver in-app protection (app-hardening), monitoring and app l […]
Lissi offers software solutions that enable companies to seamlessly identify, authenticate and communicate with their customers based on verifiable credentials. Lissi offers software solut […]
Zerion is a Web3 non-custodial crypto wallet and asset management platform. It is designed to provide users with a seamless and secure experience when managing their digital assets. The Ze […]
FusionAuth is the customer authentication and authorization platform that makes developers' lives awesome. You'll get all the features your app needs plus a customizable, scalable solution […]
Since 2001, Ascertia has been a global leader in delivering high-trust e-security products focusing on Digital Signatures, Timestamps, Evidence Archiving and OCSP Validation. SigningHub del […]
Spherity builds decentralized identity management solutions to power the 4th industrial revolution, bringing cutting-edge identity management to enterprises, machines, and other non-human e […]
HYPR fixes the way the world logs in by breaking the trade-off between strong security and consumer-grade user experiences. Their approach replaces password-based MFA with Passwordless MFA. […]
Indicio develops enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize your existing systems, ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and trust. Indicio provides companies the ability to c […]
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