Build38 is an innovative and cutting-edge provider of a next generation AI-based app protection and management platform.

They deliver in-app protection (app-hardening), monitoring and app life cycle management technologies, and protect your apps and backend from known and unknown attacks.

Their technology can be easily integrated into any iOS and Android app, enabling developers to focus on what they are best at: delivering business value, while Build38 delivers the security.

EU Digital Wallet

In this article they describe their expertise relevant to the development of the EU Digital Wallet.

“Digital identity verification is no longer a “nice to have,” but rather a statutory obligation in many industries, starting with the banking sector.

The problem is that these “digital” ID checks don’t always function across borders, often take a long time, and even need paper verification such as a passport, proof of residence, or driver’s licence, necessitating a face-to-face encounter. The European Commission Project is trying to create a single digital identifying system for Europe, which is the goal of the European Digital Identity Wallet. Digitally storing personal data and documents in an app that can be utilised in any EU member state is now possible.

Only their ID or driving licence may be stored in an app, but the European Identity Wallet will enable European residents to securely save their medical data or bank cards or even their university degree titles. As a result of this, EU citizens will be able to easily identify themselves and any other EU citizens.”

@build38dotcom – Mobile ID Strategies for the EU Digital Wallet.

Build38, a provider of an AI-based app protection and management platform, shares insights on the EU’s plans to launch a Digital Wallet.

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