Organiseme is a task management / productivity application that supports you getting your tasks & projects done.

Companies and organizations using Google Workspace can improve the productivity and collaboration of their employees. Just register with your Google account and you can enjoy our integrations into several Google Workspace applications. Our Google-like user interface will make you feel the integration even more real.

Collaborate with internal and external persons in project teams, agile squads and tribes or within line organizations. Capture and organize the tasks. Provide clarify about responsibilities and due dates – and give transparency about the current status. So you and your colleagues will get your things done and achieve your goals in time.

  • Share Task list – Share task lists with colleagues, team or squad members – and everybody has transparency about who needs to do what. Updates like completed or new tasks are immediately visible to all.
  • Assign tasks – Assign tasks to contacts – or to anybody by entering a mail address. Keep track about a task – whether it was accepted or completed – and which might be late.
  • Get Notifications – Get notifications when contacts performed a certain action – like accepting or completing a task assigned by you. So you will easily stay up-to-date.
  • Exchange messages – Send contacts a message – either related to a certain task or in general. Directly communicate with colleagues within Organiseme. @organisemee. Organiseme is a task management / productivity app for @GoogleWorkspace that supports you getting your tasks & projects done. Click to Tweet
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