Varolio is an AI-powered platform that helps employees save time, reduce manual tasks, does their tedious work for them and supercharges their work, integrating AI capabilities with the companies’ systems to help employees create custom automations.

10x Your Productivity: Connect your Email to Apps Including WhatsApp, Slack, and

  • Chat with Your Data: Chat with anything from your data to your third party apps.
  • Train on Google Workspace: Train your assistant with each new event, document, or email you get.
  • Answer Emails: Reduce emailing time by 70% as your assistant creates draft replies based on your style and project context.
  • Know your Product: Get personalized summaries of the latest product updates and changes.
  • Slack Bot: Have your assistant reply to questions in Slack.
  • Personalized Notifications: Get notified when a certain criteria is met (e.g. a hotfix is released).

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Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District , Israel
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