Digital Sales

Digital Sales is an integrated suite of applications for the entire life-cycle of selling, from initial prospecting through closing deals

By utilizing Digital Sales applications, teams can automate lead generation, contact management, and sales pipeline tracking.

They also provide Channel Management functionality, enabling sales organizations to automate their entire business model.

Empowering the Digital Salesforce

Automating High Performance Selling

Cloud applications offer sales teams a wide range of benefits, from automating sales processes to improving collaboration, enhancing data analysis, streamlining operations, increasing productivity and ultimately driving better sales results.

Collaborate on deals in real-time, enhance teamwork to improve sales performance.

Automate sales process workflows to standardize high performance capability.

Application Capabilities

A Digital Sales Suite is formed through a number of major capability areas:

Digital Marketing

Content platforms, email marketing and other tools that are used to build and promote digital engagement campaigns, featuring blogs and video content, resource downloads and more…

Partner Relationship Management

‘PRM’ (Partner Relationship Management) apps are specifically designed to implement channel business models, from partner portals through affiliate schemes.

RevOps Automation

Revenue Operations, commonly known as RevOps, is a strategic approach that aligns sales, marketing, and customer success teams to drive revenue growth and improve overall business performance.

Webinars and Podcasts

A keystone building block for digital solution marketing are webinars and podcasts.

Online events provide a simple but engaging experience for prospects, and also produce high value media assets that can be further leveraged for viral marketing.

Event Marketing Platforms provide an integrated suite of tools for planning, organizing, promoting and delivering single webinars through large-scale conferences.
Solution Guide

RevOps Best Practices for Scaling Global Sales Teams

Sales Model Analysis

Analyze the process flow and business model of your sales operations.

Capability Mapping

Map this model to the best fit combination of application components.

Support Services

Provide set up, training and ongoing implementation support.

Presentation Download

Our Solution Guide provides an overview of Digital Sales capabilities, and how to apply them to your organization.


Vendor Directory

Our Directory provides a showcase of Digital Sales and PRM vendors.


Everflow is the Smarter Partner Marketing and Tracking Platform.


Channel sales and marketing technology that transforms you, your distributors and partners into an ecosystem.


The #1 co-sell management network that empowers companies to turbocharge their co-sell revenue growth.


Mindmatrix offers Channel & Sales Enablement software for direct and indirect sales channels.


Magentrix are the portal experts. Partner relationship management (PRM) portals & customer success portals


Allbound’s partner-centric technology is driving the future of channel success.

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