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Best practices and technology solutions for empowering distributed, remote teams to work virtually.

Digital Transformation

Understanding and accelerating the role virtual team working plays in an overall organizational transformation, tackling key cultural challenges required for successful adoption.

Applications and Infrastructure

Software and hardware components that can be assembled and integrated to achieve the digital working model that best suits your organizations' requirements.

Expert Agenda

Virtual Teams

Best Practices

Remote, virtual working offers many benefits but also comes with significant challenges.

We explore and share insights and best practices developed through real-world case studies.







Virtual working practices are enabled by 'Unified Communications and Collaboration' as a Service technologies (UCCaaS), Cloud-based applications that combine voice, video and intranet communications.

UCCaaS provides the building blocks for remote teams to collaborate virtually, utilizing vTeam Best Practices to maximize their effectiveness while globally distributed.

Connecting Global Teams

UCCaaS provides the core building blocks for virtual enterprise collaboration.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective communication is crucial for the success of any organization, allowing employees to connect and collaborate seamlessly.

Collaboration Essentials

Off the shelf UCCaaS apps provide functionality for email, messaging, group chat, VoIP calls and video conferencing.

Digital Workspaces

A social intranet for your teams to meet and collaborate virtually, better connect expertise and share learning.

Application Integrations

These apps can then be extended and customized in a variety of ways through plugin apps from a marketplace of partners.


Apps can be integrated with conferencing screens and telephone devices and networks to route voice calls.


The Future of Work

Unified Collaboration technologies provide a keystone foundation for enabling new models of distributed, virtual collaboration, central to the evolution of The Future of Work.

Download our Solution Guide for a UCCaaS strategy blueprint.

Insights and Best Practices

Expert articles sharing insights that explore how best to formulate your virtual working strategy.

With the right strategies and practices, virtual teams can be just as productive and efficient as traditional in-person teams.
With the increasing popularity of online education and remote learning, Zoom has become one of the most widely used platforms for conducting virtual classes.
3 tips on how to use Slack to build team camaraderie and bonding by creating social and interest channels for your business.


Listings of Partners who specialize in
UCCaaS and offer implementation services.

Gauge.it from Flyte is a Microsoft Teams app for assessing and improving team morale.
Neat is a leading provider of innovative devices specifically designed for popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
Inflow partners with vendors like Zoom and RingCentral to deliver Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions.

We can design and implement UCCaaS solutions for your organization.

UCCaaS Services

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