Spherity’s Digital Product Passport: The Future of Supply Chain Management

A digital product passport is a digital record that contains information about a product's origin, ingredients, and life cycle.

As highlighted in the previous blog digital identity isn’t limited only to people and their online services, it also encompasses organizational identities.

Another dimension to consider is things, as in the Internet of Things, such as products.

This provides a context to showcase the work of Spherity, who builds decentralized identity management solutions to power the 4th industrial revolution, bringing cutting-edge identity management to enterprises, machines, and other non-human entities.

Digital Product Passports

Their Digital Product Passport is a digital record that contains information about a product’s origin, ingredients, and life cycle. It’s like a digital twin of each physical product, carrying data about itself and collecting more data along its journey.

In their video they demonstrate how to scan a battery’s QR code to access its product passport. When you scan the code, you’ll be taken to the digital product passport via the globally unique decentralized identifier of the battery. Here, you’ll be able to view the public information of the battery passport, such as public certificates that are stored in the passport. You’ll also be able to dive deeper into the public disposal and recycling information of the product.

To view the battery components and confidential data, you’ll need to sign in with your credentials. This will allow authorized users to verify the battery’s certifications and access the product passports of its components. We’ll take cobalt as an example and show you how you can learn more about the component by accessing its digital product passport via its globally unique decentralized identifier.

Through Spherity’s digital product passport, authorized supply chain actors can have full transparency into how products are produced, consumed, and recycled. This enables circular economy processes and helps manufacturers and retailers to meet their regulatory compliance and increase the transparency and traceability of their supply chains.

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