Workvivo – A Digital Workspace Designed to Enhance Collaboration for Remote Teams

Workvivo is an 'Employee Communication platform' designed to build natural, meaningful bonds between teams, allowing companies to reach and engage their employees everywhere.

Remote work has become increasingly common in today’s digital age.

With the rise of distributed teams, it is crucial to have effective collaboration tools that enable seamless communication and productivity.

Workvivo is a powerful platform designed to enhance collaboration for remote teams, designed to build natural, meaningful bonds between teams, allowing companies to reach and engage their employees everywhere.

Acquired by Zoom in early 2023 it provides an ideal complement to the video conferencing platform, indeed as the feature video demonstrates Zoom themselves use it.

Workvivo provides remote teams with a robust communication platform that facilitates real-time collaboration. With features like instant messaging, video conferencing, and virtual meeting rooms, team members can easily connect and communicate regardless of their physical location.

This seamless communication fosters a sense of unity and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

  • Increased Engagement – Remote work can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and disengagement. Workvivo addresses this challenge by creating a virtual space where team members can interact, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. The platform offers social features such as news feeds, discussion boards, and virtual events, which help foster a sense of community and engagement among remote team members.
  • Centralized Knowledge Sharing – One of the key advantages of Workvivo is its ability to centralize knowledge sharing within remote teams. The platform allows team members to create and share documents, files, and resources in a centralized location. This ensures that important information is easily accessible to all team members, regardless of their location or time zone. It eliminates the need for lengthy email chains and enables efficient collaboration on projects.
  • Recognition and Rewards – Recognizing and rewarding remote team members for their contributions is essential for maintaining motivation and morale. Workvivo offers a built-in recognition and rewards system that allows team members to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s efforts. This feature helps create a positive work culture and strengthens the bond between team members, even when they are physically distant.
  • Boosted Productivity – Workvivo provides remote teams with a range of productivity tools and features that streamline work processes. From task management and project tracking to goal setting and performance metrics, the platform helps remote teams stay organized and focused on their objectives. With Workvivo, remote team members can collaborate efficiently and achieve their goals effectively.


By enhancing communication, increasing engagement, centralizing knowledge sharing, providing recognition and rewards, and boosting productivity, Workvivo enables remote teams to work together seamlessly and achieve their goals effectively. Embrace the power of Workvivo and unlock the full potential of your remote team collaboration.

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